Importation Secrete (The secret of importation business with little Capital) [Video]

This is the evergreen secrete of importation business.

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How To Make Between N150,000-N450,000 From Mini Importation Business On Monthly Basis Doing It In A New Way Starting With N10,000. Plus Get Instant Access To Over 50 Hot Legal Ways To profit Over N450,000 On Monthly Basis From Offline & Online Legal Business Either With Your Phone or Computer.

Importation business is a very lucrative business that smart people are doing and making money in Nigeria, right now I am going to show you how you can also start making money through importation business from the comfort of your room. Whether you are a civil servant, youth corper, student, or unemployed, I want you to know that you can start this business and make good profit every month. I will also reveal to you myMost Powerful Marketing Strategy that will enable you sell at least 50 Pieces of whatever product you import within 30 days.


What Can Be Imported:

You can import virtually anything you think will sell in Nigeria. But there are few products that are guaranteed to sell in Nigeria any day and any time.

These products that are guaranteed to always sell are very cheap to import but are very expensive in Nigeria so you will always make profit whenever you import them.

Men’s Clothes.

Check out this high quality blazer suit on the importation website, it cost just 25 dollars which is about N8,000 when converted to naira. Now see the price of this same blazer suit in Nigeria…

See The Price In Nigeria.

See the price on konga, N14,000, this means that if you import it and sell in Nigeria you will be making a profit of N6,000 cash. Few smart men are already taking advantage of this business and are making money. Don’t worry, I will show you how to easily sell the goods when you import them.

Ladies Dresses.

This beautiful female dress cost 15.93 dollars on my secret importation website, about N5,000. These types of dresses goes for N15,000 in Nigerian boutiques, this means if you import it and sell in Nigeria you will be making a profit of N10,000. Ladies clothes are very hot in Nigeria, smart ladies are making it big with this.

Special Body Creams.

The body cream above is called pasjel, it removes stretch marks and and pregnancy scars, as you can see the price is just 2.43 dollars which is about N700 (Seven Hundred Naira Only,) Now let us see how much it cost in Nigeria.

See The Price In Nigeria:

It goes for N10,000 here in Nigeria, this means if you import it and sell here you will be making a profit of over N9,000 cash. Imagine if you import 10 pieces at a total cost of 7,000, you will make a profit of N90,000 from an investment of N7,000 only just like the seller of this one on konga. This is a cool business for smart ladies and men.

Wrist Watches.

Check out the price of that high quality mechanical wrist watch, it cost just 17.85 dollars which is about N6,000. You can also see that it comes with free shipping to Nigeria, now I want you to see the price of a similar watch here in Nigeria.

See The Price In Nigeria:

Can you see the price of a similar wrist watch on konga? A sum of N14,000. This means that you will be making a profit of about N8,000 without going through the stress of selling it because the selling strategies I will reveal to you will make things easy for you.

So Are You Now Ready To Start This Profitable Importation Business?



I created an eBook on how you can start this profitable importation business successfully from the comfort of your room, this eBook is a powerful guide that will reveal to you how you can make an extra N150k profit from online importation business.

Here Is What You Will Learn Inside This eBook:

1. I will show you the secret website where you will import these cheap products from.

2. I will show you how to get your goods shipped to your doorstep free.

3. I will show you how to easily sell all your imported goods in Nigeria, you must not carry your goods to the market, I have a Powerful Marketing Strategy that allows me sell my goods even before they arrive, you will learn this in the ebook.

4. I will give you a list of hot products that you can import at very cheap prices that people will rush them like indomie, I will tell you the goods that sell in Nigeria like hot cakes that you can import and easily sell to make quick and massive profit.

The truth is that importation business is real and you can make up to N150k from it every month.


But that is not all, I have decided to give you another mouth watering bonus FREE.



How to easily sell your imported items very fast and even make 100% of your profit. Plus how to advertise anything on facebook and get ROI(Return On Investment)



1. How To Get USA, UK, Australia or Canadian Visa Easily.

2. How To Become A Travel Consultant and Earn Millions.

3. How To Become Agent to Foreign Schools (This is the best...).

4. How To Join A Secret Travel Club (the club that took me to Dubai, South Africa and we are going to Canada this year !!!)

5. The SECRET of getting Student and Permanent Residence Visa Easily.

6. How To Organize Group Travels.

7. Reasons Why People Are Denied Visa and What To Do About It.

8. How To Process YOUR U.S.A Student Visa With 250k.

9. A Comprehensive List of Documents Required For Visa.

10. Canadian and Australian Resident Permit Processing Step By Step.

BONUS: How to get Australian SVP visa within 10 days without submitting statement account of sponsor.

... and many more information in this FREE guide!


This Bonuses are Worth N500,000 But I Will Give It To You FREE.


If you truly want to make REAL MONEY, then THIS EBOOK IS ALL YOU NEED to succeed in importation business, forget about what other fake gurus told you about importation business in Nigeria, learn from someone that is successful and you will also be successful.


My Support.

I will give you my 100% support on this business through phone calls and emails until you start making money, I will also add you to my secret facebook group where you will have the privilege of meeting other highly successful internet marketers, in this facebook group you will have a 24/7 support and assistance from me and other members, being a member of this facebook group is worth N10,000 but I will add you to this group FREE.






I am Interested In This Importation Manual & Video And The Bonus, How Much Can I Pay For It?

Considering how POWERFUL this Manual is, I can easily sell it for N30,000 and it will still be considered very cheap when you compare it to the weight of the benefits you will get in this e-book.

Let’s be honest with each other right now.

Do you know of any business or income plan that you can invest N30,000 into and be able to make up to N150,000-N450,000 in the first month?

I doubt there is, so even if I charge N30,000 for this e-book, it is worth the price. But the truth is that some people’s monthly salary is not even up to N30,000 and I am committed to helping as many people as I can help.

That is why I am going to give you this Importation Business Manual & Video” for just....




N2,999  Promo Price. (eBook Only)

N6,997  Promo Price. (eBook & Video Only)

N14,999  Promo Price. (eBook/Video/All Bonuses)

I am sure N2,999/N6,997/N14,999 is less than what you spend on your Girlfriend/Fiancee in a week.

Now you have two choices to make, You can…

1. Invest N2,999/N6,997/N14,999 into this life changing ebook that can earn you up to N150,000-N450,000 every month.

2. You can spend the N2,999/N6,997/N14,999 on other things that will give you temporary pleasure.

The decision is yours, But if I was in your shoes, I know which option to take. In fact, I was actually once in your shoes.

Out of every 100 people who arrive on this page, about 10 of them will take up this chance to change their lives. You should be a part of this 10.

The Remaining 90 Will Give Excuses Like:

1. I will do it later. (And they will forget or get discouraged.)

2. I cannot Pay N2,999/N6,997/N14,999 for an eBook/Video. (But they can buy beer or recharge card.)

3. I am afraid of being scammed. (Not knowing that life is all about taking risks.)

Those are the excuses that unserious people will always give whenever they don’t want to take responsibilityDon’t be a part of these people.

Do not worry about how you are going to sell your imported goods, I will reveal to you my Simple But Powerful Marketing Strategies that enables me sell all my imported goods without the stress of looking for buyers, these selling strategies is best known to me and 3 other guys in Nigeria. With my 5 years of experience in importation business, I know what works and I know what does not work, allow me to mentor you and you will succeed. Assuming you import  one of the Fast Selling Products that I will show you in my ebook and you are making a profit of N4,000 per piece, using my Powerful Marketing Strategies, you will be able to sell 50 pieces of the product within 30 days, that will be N4,000 X 50 pieces = N200,000 Profit within 30 days without going out to look for buyers. All this you will learn in my eBook.

Before I forget, I intend to increase the price of the e-book/Video back to N25,000 by 12:00 AM this night and I will remove the bonus also, so you need to take action very fast while the promo price is still N2,999/N6,997/N14,999. If you come back here Tomorrow you Will Have To Pay N25,000 to get this e-book and you will not get the bonus. No Begging!


Now This Is How To Make Payment For This eBook/Video And Take Advantage Of The Bonus Before The Price Rises To N25,000.

STEP 1: Kindly contact me using any of the contact information below and I shall get back to you with additional information in order to get the material(s).

Note: You can download the eBook/Video with your smart phone (Android, Blackberry, I pad, I phone etc) or laptop then you can read anytime and anywhere.


The Question Is This:

Will You Allow Just N2,999/N6,997/N14,999 Stop You From Taking An Action That Will Change Your Life For Good?

Think About It: Even if you are only able to add an extra N150,000-N450,000 to your monthly income, that is more than what most bankers make.


I Look Forward To See You Making The Right Choice.

May God Help Us All.

Tel: NG:  




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(Please Do Not Flash.)

Call/SMS From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mondays To Fridays.



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