Adding, Importing and Exporting Subscribers

Full List Over view plus Importing and Exporting

Posted June 6,2018 in Inbox Director Tutor.

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 In this video, I have covered:

1. How to manually add subscribers

2. Taking Actions & Overview on a specific subscriber like: Profile info * Campaigns sent to this subscriber * update * Subscribe back * Export profile info  * Create campaign for this subscriber * Delete

3. Importing and types of importing:

3a. Live Importing: This type of importing is the process of seeing your subscribers being imported live and the status of each subscribers wither successful, blacklisted, failed e.t.c You see everything live. But the only disadvantage here is that if your System battery failed, Network Failed or you had a temporary system crash making your system to reboot or stop responding, that is the end of the import at that moment. You would have to reupload the list later and our AR would go through that same process from subscriber 1. Though the ones it imported previously would still be there, yet the system would start from the beginning and overwrite the existing ones.

3b. Queue Importing: This type of import is what I highly recommend. All you need to do is to upload your list and our system would start importing it in the background via our auto cron job. You can even switch off your laptop and switch it on again, there would be no issue at all and your importing process won't stop since our AR would upload the list to our server and start importing it gradually. It may take 1 minute to over 1 hour to finish depends on how large is your list. It is still the best and I recommend it.

3c. Database Import

3d. Url import

4. Exporting.

Although I have also recorded and explain everything in the video, I just need to write few here for better understanding in case you do not understand my native English.

Download tutorial via ===> CLICK HERE


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