Gmail Inboxing (Proven Works)

Gmail Inboxing (Proven Works several times)

Posted June 6,2018 in Email Marketing.

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 If you are a legit sender(Not a Spammer) and you are facing issue with Gmail inboxing issue. Then I believe below tutorial should help because it has helped me and also helped 90% of Self Hosted Autoresponder User out there.


1. You need to first separate all company also known as custom email addresses from free email addresses.


Free email addresses like

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.


Any other email service provider out there are custom  apart from what I just listed email addresses


The reason I want you to separate them is that most of the custom/company email addresses out there has turned to spam trap which could endanger your IP'address to be blacklisted and also pulling down the reputation of the IP addresses.


Meanwhile, free email addresses like the one I listed above of course looks up to some of the dbl (Database list) out there to see if your IP or domain is listed there especially Spamhuas and Barracuda.


If your IP address or your domain is listed in any of the two above, it may suffer inbox delivery.


Ensure there are no blacklistings for any domain/url in your message (use this free tool to check – ). 


So, in order to be on a safer side, you must clean your list by separating the custom email addresses out first. You can as well create another list in your Autoresponder area and import those custom email addresses for late use.


Don't know how to separate your leads? CLICK HERE to watch my video and the software I recommend. If you need the software you may message me.


Now back to the Gmail Inboxing Matter (The target point)

If you have openers/clickers gmail list then this would work efficiently and faster for you. But if you do not have openers/clickers like you do not have opportunity to export them before you were kicked out of your other ThirdParty autoresponder service you were using before then no worries. You may upload like 1k or 2k or 5k gmail leads (Since we are targeting gmail inbox) and then compose something similar below and send to them (You may as well copy the example below, tweak to your taste and send).


Subject: My own autoresponder system (I need your help)


Campaign Content/Body: Hello buddy,

I trust you are doing great.

Seriosuly I need your help today and here is what I need from you.

I also belief you might have missed my sweet mails and wondering what would have happened to me?

Oh yes!

Few days ago, I had a very bad experience with one of the Autoresponder provide out there and it really got me and set back my work....

Could you believe that with no genuine reasons my account was suspended and further terminated when truly I know my leads are clean and they are all confirmed.

That is not really the most painful part, the most painful part is that I have heard of self hosted autoresponder for some years back now where I would have full access control to my leads and the features along but I have been adamant to get one.

Today, I am happy to tell you that I now own a Autoresponder service for my own personal use and no one dare kicks me out again except I kick out myself...LOL

I know you may be reading this mail in spam folder right now and that is where I seriously need your help.

Some email service provider (ESP) like gmail, yahoo e.t.c require someone using a self hosted autoresponder to meet some expectation before hitting the inbox and not spam.

Here is what I currently need from you please,

If you are reading this mail in your spam folder, just mark it as "Not Spam" and if you still receive my next mails in your spam please continue to do that for like 3 times. I surely belief starting from the 4th campaign would start reaching your inbox.

Once about 30 to 50 people do this, Oh yes, the rest of my subscribers do not need to start doing this before my campaign get to their inbox.

I appreciate you my loyal subscriber.


See you later


Now, the above content maybe too long for you and there maybe typo error. Just read and use the idea above to compose your own. All you need is to convince them to mark your mail as "Not Spam" That's all...

I hope this helps.


Missing anything? Kindly use the comment box below. (You have to be a registered and logged in member to comment)

Thanks for your time.

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