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How to browse unlimited at 150Mbps Download and 170Mbps Upload

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Hello our viewer(s),

I am not going to waste much of your time here but would go straight to explain more details both in video and content how our unlimited free browsing at 150Mbps Download and 170Mbps Upload works

Here is a detailed video that talks about the free browsing stuff. Watch the video and flow with the contents.

Pros and Cons... (What you can do and what you can not do with the unlimitd browsing offer)

1. Browse Unlimited for free at 150Mbps Download and 170Mbps Upload

2. 99% Uptime guarantee.

3. Browse, Stream and Download on any website & anything downloadable unlimited. (You can only download on the server environment, you can't download it to your local computer or phone though you can copy from the server environment to your local computer but your local internet data will be used for the transfer)

4. Works with Andriod phones and Windows & Macs computer (Either laptop or Desktop) e.t.c So far it has what we called "Remote Desktop Connection". All Windows computer has such features except Macs but you can download it from Microsoft store & If your Andriod mobile phone doesn't have Remote Desktop Connection app. No worries, I would show you how to download it on Google Playstore.

5. This is not a hack/crack. This is 100% legal to use.

6. Automaic USA IP Address. (If you wish to use any other IP address then you would have to get a VPN to use on the envinroment.

7. You can launch any software/app on it except a software use for sending bulk spam email (We will be very strict for that, if you are fund sending spam via  he environment your account will be teminated and no refund shall be issued).

8. The best part is that if you are working on the server environment and suddenly your local computer puts off or your local internet got disconnected. I bet you, all your work on the server environment will still be there once you get back. You would not loose any penny even if it is after 1 months you would still meet it the way you left it in your last session. This is crazy and it is what I have been using for several years.

9. You can launch any software/app on it except a software use for sending bulk spam email (We will be very strict for that, if you are fund sending spam via  he envinroment your account will be terminated and no refund shall be issued).

I think I aforementioned this before but I still need to just for clarification sake again and again. This is not a hack/crack. This is 100% legal to use.


1. Remote Desktop Connection (Generally available for windows computer and downloadable of the software/app available for Mac and Andriod mobile phone)

2. 500Mb or (1Gb*) of data should be available on your local network (MTN, ETISALAT, GLO, AIRTEL, NTEL, SPECTRANET e.t.c even if it is Wifi self). This is for Remote connection from your local computer to the server envinroment. Any data used on the server envinroment will never be deducted from your local data.

3. To initiaate a Remote Desktop Connection your local network should have at least 3G, 3.5, 3.7 to (4G or 4G lte*)network

Activation fee is N12,500 for the first 30 people to get his.

Starting from the following month (Recurring fee is N5,000 only. Same features and same speed.



If you need a DEMO(Trial) for the free browsing. Feel free to ask and we would create an account for you to test the speed for 1 hour. Yes, you would browse for free for 1 hour and we would shut you down after 1 hour unless you pay for the continous use which is the N12,500 first time activation fee. To request for DEMO(Trial) please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to create an account on our forum and chat with any of our Admins.

If you are having issue registering please shoot a mail to info@kitngltd.com and let us know the issue you are facing

THE SAD NEWS ABOUT THIS IS THAT OUR BROWSING OFFER IS ONLY AVAIABLE FOR 30 PEOPLE AT RATE OF N12,500 First Time Activation Fee and After the 30 people it goes up to N20,000 First Time Activation Fee. OUR WORD IS OUR BOND


STEP A: Pay the sum amount of N12,500 via online/mobile transfer or direct bank deposit into the bank account below.


Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Account Name – Kollydaton Innovations
Account Number – 017-418-0828



STEP B: After payment, send a mail to payments@naijagoody.com with the SUBJECT of your mail saying "Paid4freebie"

The content of your email must contain the following:

Full depositors name:
Teller no (only if you paid cash into the bank):
Email address:
GSM number:
The amount paid:
The bank name you paid to:
Date of payment:

Once received, we would get back to you for additional information.

"Just Taking ACTION, Makes Things Happen!"

P.S: "Me" "We" "I" "Us" "Ours" "Mine" are all regarded as the AUthor and the Company

Thanks and God bless.
Kollydaton Innovationas and Technology (KIT NG LTD, KIT LLC).
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