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Bulk Email Marketing Trial with free 25k list

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Hello our viewers,

If you have been receiving Nigeria Advertisement newsletters from sometimes now, You should have discovered that we made mention of setting the VPS/MTA/Smtp for you for free so you can test run how effective our bulk email marketing portal is but you would only be able to send to 25,000 subscribers only. This same VPS/MTA/Smtp can send to 500k subscribers within 24 hours. But you won't be able to do that until you balance up the promo price of N150,000 at this time. Once you make payment for the whole setup fee then we would activate your server to start sending up to 500k subscribers daily. 

Here is a detailed video that talks about how to register and activate your VPS server for setup within 48hours.

CLICK HERE to signup with them now???

Pros and Cons...

1. Although I made mention of 1,000 subscribers in my video but in order to proof that I am highly confident about my setup. I have decided to extend the limit to 25,000 subscribers and we would give you the 25,000 subscribers for free and you can also upload your own list too.

2. All the setup will be done accurately but our topnotch support for you will be limited to 15 days only starting from the day of the job delivery. And once you balance up to reach promo price of N150,000 at this time then our topnotch support will be extended to good 6 months for you. After 6 months you would have to extend your support to another 6 months for N25,000 Only. We believe by then you should have made more than enough by God grace.

3. Once you balance up your fee then you can upload up to 500,000 subscribers following our  guide line.

4. I am 100% certain that it will work for you and if it doesn't work for you within 30 days. I mean if you follow all our guide lines and no one and more than enough respond to your product then you are back up with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. This MBG is only for those who would pay or those that has already paid for the full setup .


1. 25.99 USD x N350 = N (VPS Server fee = Aprox N9,500)

2. 10.00 USD x N350 = N (VPS Server fee = N6,500)

Total of N16,000

The price in USD is the cost of the VPS and Domain and the exchange rate to Naira is N350/$

If you have your own VPS and Domain then no need to pay any N16,000. Just get in touch with us and we would require all login details to get you started and deliver within 48 hours ASAP.

If you are interested, please register on our forum and chat with any of our Admins by CLICKING HERE with the word "I am ready" or send "I am ready" to info@kitngltd.com


If you are yet to download and read our Bulk Email Marketing and Solo Advertisement proposal. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to get it.

"Just Taking ACTION, Makes Things Happen!"

P.S: "Me" "We" "I" "Us" "Ours" "Mine" are all regarded as the AUthor and the Company

Thanks and God bless.
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