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Posted November 11,2017 in Other.

KIT LLC Kolawole
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Dear viewer and soon to be online successful,


We appreciate and congratulate you for having the opportunity to access this website because you are few step away from connecting with people and also making legitimate money at the same time.


We at NAIJAGOODY (KIT NG LTD) has been in legitimate online business existence for over 10 years now and we have helped empowered a lot of people through what we know how to do best.


The main purpose of this letter is to share you a great opportunity that would earn you legitimate cash doing simple task.


Yes, NAIJAGOODY (KIT NG LTD) wants to pay you $0.15 x 350N (N52.00 in Naira) per valid and successful registration by sharing NAIJAGOODY with your friend. And you can withdraw your fund into your bank account or get funded via Airtime of any network at any time of our working hours.


All you have to do is to Follow the instructions about how to register by CLICKING HERE


Apart from bringing people to us, there are so many great benefits and goodies attached to becoming NAIJAGOODY (KIT NG LTD). All other benefits has been explained and listed via this url. CLICK HERE to read full details.




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