Don't joke with ideas you get in the toilet

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 I don't know about you ;

For me, one way to ease off "idea blocks" is to jump into the rest ròom with a piece of paper and pen;

And even if I am not pressed,

I just sit there, and pretend to.

97.17% of the time, I get ideas that end up making me millions.

For example...

When Boohari and Emefiele struck with their dollar brouhaha;

And restrictions on international payments

Every mini importer gave up.

The few who manned up, ended up running helter skelter with no results.

I knew I wasn't suppose to give up just like that.

Not when I have over 180,000 persons who look up to me for guidance.

So, I went into the toilet on a good afternoon...

Sat on the sink for over 37 mins;

Started digging right into my brains.

And found what finally became the panacea for every payment.

That is;

"How to bùy from those portals, and pay in NAIRA"

Awesome right?

That means that whether Emefiele bans or restricts the use of card or not;

You can simply logon to those portals where things are sold cheaper (not Ali)

...get a product, and pay right into a Nigerian account from where you are.

Your payment is confirmed within hours.

Today, over 1000 persons have not only benefited from this "qùeer place discovery"

...but has gone ahead to use the other strategies I have also  discovered to build their 5,6,7, 8 and even 9 figures mini import business.

You too can join them here =>

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