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Story by Pat Ogidi;
At the tail end of Haruna junction in Ogba Lagos State,

...situates a tiny shòp, not more than the size of an SUV booth.

In the shòp, are hung about 12 pairs of Aba made shoes.

The shòp is owned by one qùeer boy. An Igbo dude.

In my honest (but not finàl) opinion, this boy is an IDIOT.

It took me a whole 4+ years of staying in Ogba to find this out.

This boy in question had served his Oga who has a mighty shoe shòp just across the road.

If you're familiar with Haruna Area of Ogba, you should know a very fair Igbo man that drives a big black lànd cruiser jeep.

This boy served this Oga for 7 whole years as agreed.

When it got to the time for settlement, usual, stories entered.

So, all of a sudden, I started seeing the boy in question on his tiny shòp exactly opposite his Oga's.

So one day, while driving by;

...the hailing from this dude forced me to pull over.

I began to ask him why he left his Oga shòp and stuff...

Briefly, he told me the story.

Stories. Shitty stories. Usual stories.

Oga only settled him with 150k

...after 7 fugking years.

SAD you may say?

But nothing could be SADder than how dùmb this dude showed.

I was touched... and didn't even let him finish the story.

I just told him to text me his bank account details.

Even repeated it until he nodded his head and said thank you sir.

He had my number, so I was expecting the account details even before I get home.

About 10 minutes later, I got home.

Nothing entered.

2 days passed, nada.

5 days, NADA.

After about 1 week, I was forced to almost yelled:

"What about the account details?"

"Enweghi m akant, Chairman"

(In English: I have no account)


You had no account, and you can't even get from your friends?

Or from the rice seller neighbour of yours whom you claimed housed and helped you get the kiosk?


I got angry, and drove off.

Why wondering what could be the reason behind the poor boy's  stewpidity

I shared the story with Jenny, and she gave what appears to be the best interpretation I could ever hear.

Jenny opined:

"Who knows, they may have told him not to collect money from anyone that drives a jeep again.. so they don't use him for blòod money"

Well, I saved my 150k.

But I had thought that, adding 150k to the "150k in 7 years" he had would mean something at least to him.

How wrong I was.

I thought, since my idea of giving (giving to the poor and less privileged) will perfectly be a fit in his situation.

But he messed up the plans.

He doesn't deserve my one toro

And yes, he PROVED it.

Because, almost 2 years down the line; dude is still stuck with the same few shoes.

...and yelling "CHAIRMAN" each time I drive pass.

Each time I hear those "Chairman" yellings;

I just look at him, fake a smile, shake my head and say in my mind;

"Who is your chairman?"

I am no chairman.

Go to your local government if you wish to see your chairman.

I am only a normal Nigerian.

...who found a strategy to build a business around mini importation business.

A business that has put many on the 5,6,7,8,9 figure weekly track.

A strategy that helped an ex car washer, who slept in the same car wash for 2 years; dump his N150/car washed jòb to build a 5 figure business.

Secxy enough;

Anybody can learn this same strategy from the link below:

here =>  

Low capital, no qualification, not staying in Lagos, don't have airpòrt in your backyard?

None of those is a hindrance.

Except of course, you chose to be freakin' lazy;

... and soak yourself in self pity.

If not, there should be no reason you won't want to start today.

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