KIT Nigeria Limited (Entrepreneur Zone) RULES

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KIT LLC Kolawole
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1. Don't advertise any illegal program in here. No warning for mistakes. It is straight removal from the group

2. You can post links to relevant articles. Don't give out your referral link of your own to any member of the group, only admins will give links for registration or any related service in other to carry everyone along unless pre-approved

3. Don't post religious stuffs in our group at . However, you are allowed to create your own group and post anything you want there because we all have our personal beliefs. Once again, If you can't keep it to yourself, please share to your personal group.

4.Don't insult anyone in our group at Whether politely or impolitely. No warning for mistakes. It is straight removal from the group.

5. ZERO tolerance for any kind of SPAM (You understand what I mean and you know yourself if you are a spammer)

6. In case you need any clarification about Digital marketing and Bulk Email service or any kind of service we offer here. Fell free to post a request.

7.Well these are not cast in stone and it is not made to create fear in anyone!!
Its just a guide to maintain a level playing ground for all

You can always keep the rules if you love *KIT NG LTD- Team FLP & Pals



Our Services: Bulk Email and Autoresponder, Solo Ads, Web hosting, Website design & Development, Ecurrency Exchange, Pay4me services. Thanks


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