KIT NG LTD SERVICES- Pay what you can afford (Part 1)

KIT NG LTD SERVICES- Pay what you can afford (Part 1)

Posted July 7,2017 in Other.

KIT LLC Kolawole
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Dear viewers,

The video below will in 10 minutes briefly explain more information about our products and services plus businesses you can start right now and consistently earning 7 figure every single month (millions of Naira).


Now, back to the main purpose of this page...

On this page, you would have access to use the comment box to request for any of our products and services either listed here or not.

Let us know any one you want and how much you are willing to pay(I mean the amount you can afford for such product or service).

Recap of some of the products/services we offer

1. Email Marketing

2. Solo Ads

3. Web Hosting

4. Bulk SMS

5. Email and Phone Number databases

6. Web Design & Development (Blog, Social Network, Support ticket system, forum, Ecommerce, Affiliate/Referral. e.t.c)

7. Mini Importation Business (eBook and Video)

And lot's more not listed here...


Kindly use the comment box to comment the product, plugin, theme, script, software or service you need. We will run a check and see if the product is available from our end and also if it worth the price you are willing to pay or not.


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